Remember Féline

Today the father of Féline, my fiancé and I went to the grave. We are thinking a lot about what we can do to make the grave a beautiful memory with maybe colored stones and her name for example. We were drawing some ideas together and we planted some bulbs.

Some lines crossed our path today that I would like to share;

– If you mention Féline, we might cry, but if you won’t speak her name; you’ll break our heart.

– We know the reasons why we still can be happy; welcome us with questions and hear us out why we cry.

2 responses to “Remember Féline

  1. Meyke

    Dear mum and dad of Féline,
    What a lovely website this is. A place to remember and honour the little girl who will forever be in your hearts. There’s so much truth in what you said. Speak about Féline and she will live on in memories and dreams. ❤️

  2. Mother of Féline

    Thank you Meyke!! Much appreciated and all the contact that we had during our struggle.