An angel is holding you…


feline gabrielle angel mother baby memorial

My only daughter…

I am wondering how you are up there…

Who is your angel that is taking care of you?

Who is holding you, now that I no longer may?

Who is loving you, when no one could love you more than I?

Who is having you close, now that you’re so far from me?

The day I can hold you again, I will love you forever and kiss you more than anything!

Wait for me my precious daughter and send your love from up down to us.

As your father and I cry together every time, we cherish the moments we had with you.

Know that you’re loved forever little baby girl Féline!

What has life to offer now that my greatest gift is gone?

I’m waiting for the future, ask God to send us strength, as this battle is not yet over.

Miss you baby girl, miss you my daughter, miss you my biggest love.

You were the best I ever had and I will never stop loving you.

Oh, how life is challenging me without you here…

I hope you are playing with other baby angels and you feel free!